Tobacco plants in the field

Tobacco plants in the field

We buy our leaf tobacco from countries on 4 different continents. Tobacco selection is a very important part of our quality assurance. Therefore, we only buy the very best leaf tobacco available. Our tobacco team are specialists in tobacco for snus and they know how to find the best quality.

Special tobacco for snus
The leaf tobacco we use is sourced mostly from USA, Brazil, Guatemala, the Philippines and India. We mainly use dark air cured or sun cured tobacco. These types are chosen for their pleasant natural aroma and the low content of natural sugar. All leaf tobacco is grown specifically for the production of snus. This is very important as the growing and drying methods are optimised in order to achieve the right composition of tobacco.

Different seasons in different regions
Tobacco growing includes a lot of work. First the tobacco seeds must be sown. The seeds are among the smallest in the plant world (1 gram can consist of more than 13.000 tobacco seeds). The sowing season depends on the geographic region. In Brazil, it is mostly in September. In Guatemala, the months of November and December and in India, sowing usually takes place in November.

From the time of sowing, the tobacco seed increases its weight at one of the fastest growth rates that can be found in fauna.

Quality demands attention
During the growth period, the plant requires much attention and work. In developed countries the work is mostly done by machines – in others, manual labour plays an important role. In order to achieve large and aromatic leaves the plant is often topped. Topping refers to the removal of the tobacco flower in order for the leaves to mature in time for harvesting.

The tobacco plant can be harvested in different ways. When using the traditional harvest method, the entire plant is harvested by cutting off the stalk at the ground. Harvesting can also be carried out by removing the individual leaves as they mature – first from the bottom of the plant and later on, the higher leaves.

Drying, packing and sorting the tobacco

The tobacco leaves are dried in a barn

The tobacco leaves are dried in a barn

After the harvest, the tobacco leaves are transported to barns where drying takes place. The leaf tobacco we use is most often dried in open barns. Later on, the leaves are stripped from the stalk and the leaves are packed into bales and shipped to tobacco dealers. Here, the leaf tobacco is sorted into different grades based on leaf size and maturity and further drying takes place to obtain stability and maturity. After the ageing process, the tobacco is packed into 200 kg cartons and shipped to us.

Assuring high quality tobacco
Like all other plants, the tobacco plant depends on the right growing conditions including temperature, moisture level etc. In years of drought or lack of rainfall the plants may not achieve the required quality. In order to maintain a uniform high quality, we purchase sufficient leaf tobacco in the years where growth conditions have been optimum and refrain from purchasing in the years where the quality does not meet our requirements. This requires a significant stock of leaf tobacco in our warehouse.

In order to enhance the quality and maturation of the packed leaf tobacco we store the cases for at least a year before they are used.